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Quiz 25: Spring Intersections

Notice To Our Quiz Takers!


Please note that the print and digital versions of the quiz in the April-May issue of Canadian Paramedicine (Vol. 37. Issue. 3) contained two errors. Due to production errors the answers to questions 1 and 2 are incorrect as they appear in the magazine.  


The answer to question 1 should be: A. Scene safety, then establish C-spine control; not D. All are correct.  


The answer to question 2 should be: E. All of the above; not D. B and C.  


The online version of the quiz posted in the public portion of this website has had these errors fixed, so it is correct as posted here. We apologize for these errors.


Lyle Blumhagen
Publisher, Canadian Paramedicine

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Quiz 24: A Little Bit of Conflict

The February-March 2014 quiz challenges you to manage patients and bystanders.
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Why Do You Care?

Matt Womble from International Paramedic challenges us to find real purpose in our chosen field.
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EMS History in Canada

Are we too late? What we need to do to preserve the history of our profession
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Quiz 22 - Volume 36.  Issue 6.  Altered LOC



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